52: The Companion


collects stories from Mysterious Suspense #1, Gotham Central #40, Animal Man Vol. 1 #16, Detective Comics Vol. 1 #350, Metal Men #45, Superman: The Man of Steel #97, Strange Adventures #226, Rip Hunter: Time Master #97, Secret Origins #35 and JSA #43-44; reprints old stories featuring the stars of 52; contains introductions to each story by Mark Waid; introduction by Mark Waid; 224 pages; published Oct 2007

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52 #1Big-Guns Justice League: 52 (2006-2007)

The week after Infinite Crisis, DC debuted 52, its first weekly series since Action Comics became Action Comics Weekly for less than a year in 1988-1989. During Infinite Crisis, the entire DC Universe was moved… [more]

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