Mister Miracle Vol. 3 #7


“Freedom is Blind” -- 22 pages

  • written by Kevin Dooley
  • pencils by Steve Crespo
  • inks by Marcio Morais
  • Mother Box screams, reflecting a disturbance in the Source (it’s not clear how this reflects New Gods Vol. 1 #11, though it’s intended to)
  • warriors from Apokolips, unable to contact their planet, attack Earth (apparently meant to reflect the aftermath of New Gods Vol. 1 #11)
  • features Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner (a.k.a. Warrior), Flash (Wally West), Lady Blackhawk, and others
  • at the end, Mother Box functions again (reflecting the Source’s return, also echoed in Takion #6) and can’t find either New Genesis or Apokolips (reflecting the aftermath of New Gods Vol. 1 #11)
  • at the end, Scott Free vows to go to New Genesis and reconcile with Big Barda (when he’s shown again, they’ve already reconciled)

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