Mister Miracle Vol. 3 #1


“Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make…” -- 22 pages

  • written by Kevin Dooley
  • pencils by Steve Crespo
  • inks by Marcio Morais
  • begins on New Genesis, featuring Orion and explicitly after the events of New Gods Vol. 4 #6 (and thus also #7, which continues directly)
  • features Lightray, who seems a little evil but is hardly the maniac seen in recent issues of New Gods Vol. 4 (this is incompatible with New Gods Vol. 4, in which Orion returns to New Genesis in #7 to confront Lightray, whom he isn’t hostile to here)
  • focuses on Scott Free ascending to the throne of New Genesis (why Lightray, ruling New Genesis, would allow this is unclear), though Highfather reappears (which is very confusing) and the ceremony isn’t completed
  • Mister Miracle goes to Earth, where he begins fighting some Justice Leaguers (Wonder Woman, Fire, and Obsidian) who are possessed by the (now evil) Source
  • Granny Goodness attacks New Genesis and kills Big Barda

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