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Next Generation Era:

Years 1-5 (1987-1992)

Intro text.

Q, who would appear throughout the Next Generation era, was introduced in the two-part series debut, “Encounter at Farpoint.” He would appear once more in the first season (“Hide and Q”) and once more in seasons two through four (the classic “Q Who?”, “Déjà Q,” and “Qpid,” respectively) before taking the fifth season off. Data’s evil brother Lore, who first appeared in the first-season “Datalore,” would return (along with Dr. Noonian Soong) in the fourth-season “Brothers.” The Borg, introduced in (the aforementioned) “Q Who?”, reappeared in the classic third-season finale / fourth-season debut “The Best of Both Worlds,” showing up again in the fifth-season “I, Borg.” Interaction with the original show included a cameo appearance by Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the debut episode “Encounter at Farpoint” and a two-part, fifth-season episode (“Unification”) focused on Spock.

This period contains 126 episodes of The Next Generation.

2364 (Year 1)

2365 (Year 2)

2366 (Year 3)

2367 (Year 4)

2368 (Year 5)

Star Trek: The Next Generation #126

“Time’s Arrow, Part One”

fifth season finale; stardate: 45959.1; aired 15 June 1992