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DC Universe

The following Continuity Pages address the DC Universe.

Animal Man
Dave Wood Era (1965-1967)
Grant Morrison Era (1988-1990)
Peter Milligan Era (1990)
Tom Veitch Era (1991-1992)
Jamie Delano Era (1992-1994)
Jerry Prosser Era (1994-1995)
The Last Days of Animal Man (2009)
Jeff Lemire Era (2011-Present)
Authority, The
Original Stormwatch Era (1993-1996)
Warren Ellis's Stormwatch (1996-1998)
Warren Ellis's The Authority (1999-2000)
Mark Millar's The Authority (2000-2002)
Robbie Morrison and Micah Ian Wright Era (2002-2004)
Revolution (2004-2005)
WorldStorm (2006-2010)
World's End (2007-2010)
Relaunched DC Universe (2011-Present)
"Zero Year" (2012-2014)
Early Issues
"Night of the Owls" (2012)
Between Owls and the Joker (2012)
"Death of the Family" (2012-2013)
"Requiem" (2013)
Books of Magic, The
Original Mini-Series (1990-1991)
John Ney Rieber Era (1993-1998)
Peter Gross Era (1998-2000)
Dylan Horrocks Era (2001-2003)
Demon, The
Jack Kirby’s The Demon (1972-1973)
Dark 1980s Revival (1986)
Alan Grant Era (1989-1993)
Garth Ennis Era (1993-1995)
Garth Ennis's Hitman (1996-2001)
Demon: Driven Out (2003-2004)
John Byrne's Blood of the Demon (2005-2006)
Paul Cornell's Demon Knights (2011-Present)
The 1950s and 1960s
The 1970s and Early 1980s
The Trial of the Flash (1983-1985)
Mike Baron Era (1987-1988)
William Messner-Loebs Era (1988-1992)
First Mark Waid Era, Part 1 (1992-1995)
First Mark Waid Era, Part 2 (1995-1996)
Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn Era, Part 1 (1996-1997)
Mark Millar and Grant Morrison Era (1997-1998)
Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn Era, Part 2 (1998-2000)
Geoff Johns Era, Part 1 (2000-2002)
Geoff Johns Era, Part 2 (2002-2006)
Bart Allen as Flash (2006-2007)
Wally West Returns (2007-2008)
Barry Allen Returns (2009-2011)
Green Lantern
Justice League
52 (2006-2007)
New Gods
Legends (1986)
Mid-'90s Relaunch (1995-1996)
John Byrne Era (1997-1998)
Death of the New Gods (2007-2008)
Spectre, The
Suicide Squad
Post-Crisis Superman
John Byrne Era (1986-1988)
DC Relaunch Superman (2011-Present)
Swamp Thing
Version 3.0 (2002-2004)
World’s End (2007-2010)
DC Relaunch (2011-2012)