Patrick Gough

Patrick Gough overthinks comic books, “alternative” comedy, guitar music, movies starring Iko Uwais, and TV shows where white men get away with being horrible people because they are smarter than everyone else. He also studies philosophy, which is impossible to overthink, at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He secretly believes, in his heart of hearts, that the things he loves are intrinsically better than the things you love. He has a rarely-updated tumblr and plays bass in Empty Shelves, an Ottawa band that writes pretty songs. Please feel free to get in touch and hire him to write a twelve-volume critical analysis of the film Alien.


comic-book-snap-poll-are-you-a-twd-comic-book-readerZomBeing and Nothingness: Part 2

Previously: Being faithful to your genre, monsters as liminal beings, and horror as fascination. Beyond Thunderdome If the archetypal zombie story is apocalyptic, it’s worth considering what apocalyptic stories actually are. Chandra Phelan notes that… [more]

Frontispiece_to_Frankenstein_1831ZomBeing and Nothingness: Part 1

“A Zombie movie that never ends” Like a lot of people, I love reading The Walking Dead and I’m not always sure why. Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore’s book is ludicrously successful, not… [more]


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