Nicholas Koulouris

In my freshman year of high school, I discovered a latent enjoyment of writing. It began with short stories and made up super-villains that I would hand in to my English teacher for extra credit. But I must add that without my enjoyment of reading, the latent passion of writing would never have surfaced, and that love of reading began as a teenager, with comic books. Eventually my reading and writing would evolve beyond comic books. (I don't still collect comics, but I do find myself with a ton of graphic novels on my bookshelf.) I have written numerous short stories in different genres, three of which will hopefully be published in Glimmer Train Magazine. I also attended Columbia College in Chicago and was a major in the fiction writing department.


ParadiseLostSatanThe Greatest Villain of All Time

He is portrayed in one form or another in all mythological writing, classic literature, movies, television, and even comic books. He appears in Marvel Comics as Mephisto. He plagues the DC Universe as Lucifer Morningstar.… [more]


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