Neil Cohn

Neil Cohn has written extensively about the structure of the medium of comics in various articles and essays, as well as his book Early Writings on Visual Language. His graphic novel with Thom Hartmann, We the People: A Call to Take Back America, addresses the influence of corporations on American government, and his book Mediations collects his early artistic experimentation with sequential art.


DC Versus MarvelFight the Comic Aristocracy

A few years ago I worked on a graphic book with author Thom Hartmann, titled We the People, that focuses on the pervasive influence that mega-corporations have on American government. While drawing it, I began… [more]

mccloudheadComics’ Identity Crisis: Claiming “Art” is a Misguided Quest

Comics have a bit of an identity crisis: our culture cannot decide what they really are, leaving them to pay the price both financially and legally.

Understanding ComicsDissolving Comics’ Boundaries

Let’s face it: business has not been good in the comic industry during the last decade or so. However, despite this, there has been a swelling of diversification amongst genres, creators, and publishers, and maybe… [more]


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