James Heath Lantz

James Heath Lantz has written a variety of fiction and nonfiction, from tales of space adventure to comic book and pop culture history. His work can be found in his self published TRILOGY OF TALES, PS Artbooks' ROY THOMAS PRESENTS CAPTAIN VIDEO, ROY THOMAS PRESENTS SHEENA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE VOLUME 3 and PRE-CODE CLASSICS: WEIRD MYSTERIES VOLUMES 1 and 2, the TwoMorrows Publishing magazines ALTER EGO and BACK ISSUE. James currently lives in Italy with his wife Laura and their family of cats, dogs, and humans from Italy, Japan, and the United States.


Mister Sandman, It Was a Dream: Was Back to the Future Just a Character’s Dream?

Remember when Marty McFly first arrived in 1955? Remember the song that played? Remember the words, “Mister Sandman, bring me a dream”?  You’re probably singing the song now to yourself as you read this because… [more]

Zenith_book_1With Great Power Comes Great Career Opportunities: A Character Study of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith

Colin Smith makes some valid points in his article “He’s Not a Super-Hero, He’s Not Even a Very Naughty Boy: The Case Against Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith”. Zenith isn’t a superhero. That’s the… [more]

Prince-Batdance-videoCapes, Cowls, and Purple: How Prince Merged the Worlds of Music and Comics with Batman and Beyond

Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958-April 21, 2016), known throughout most of his career simply as Prince, had been an important part of music since his humble beginnings with the band 94 East in 1975,… [more]

Captain_Video_title_cardCaptain Video: Forgotten Father of the Sci-Fi Franchise

Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Luke Skywalker, the Doctor, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Captain Video… What do those names have in common? If you said they are protagonists that launched science fiction franchises you’d be correct,… [more]


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