Eric Wong

Eric Wong is a high school speech and debate coach, aspiring comics scholar, and struggling writer. He graduated in 2010 from the Johnston Center of Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands, with an emphasis titled "Creative Writing and Sequential Art." For his senior project, he and a close friend developed and taught a course on comics titled "Seduction of the Innocent." He is currently applying to grad school with the goal of obtaining an MFA in comic studies. If you're still interested in his ramblings, you can check out his Tumblr and his podcast where his co-hosts dissect a new comic every episode.


greenarrow6Reinventing Widescreen: Sorrentino’s Green Arrow

Fall of 2006, my freshman year of college, I sat in the television room of my dorm and watched Green Arrow make his live-action debut on Smallville.  I remember the raw fanboy glee that swelled… [more]

Understanding Comics 3 TIME ROPETime Paradox: Sound in Comics

Comics are unique in that it is the only medium where sound is seen, rather than heard by its audience.  My previous discussion on this topic focused on some visual devices used in comics to… [more]

wordballoon1Breaking the Silence: How Comics Visualize Sound

Of all the elements defining comics, the most paradoxical is that it is a silent medium that nonetheless has sound represented.  Comics are in the peculiar position of needing to imply sounds through images, making… [more]


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