Deborah Majowka

Deborah Majowka has a passion for fiction and storytelling that stems from a childhood filled with books, movies, and television. Her favorite genre is fantasy and science fiction. In 2020, she earned the BMCC James Tolan Writing Award for her critical essay on her favorite superhero titled, “Superman vs Clark Kent: Why Jonathan Kent Matters.” She is currently working to get her BA in English at Hunter College.


Stray Dogs #1 Review

Written by Tony Fleecs Art by Trish Forstner Don’t let the cute dog illustrations in this comic fool you into thinking this is a children’s story. Using anthropomorphic dogs as its main characters, the first… [more]

Radiant Black #1 Review

Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Marcelo Costa SPOILER WARNING… The superhero genre often uses the “super” element as a way to explore experiences that in real life would be ordinary. Radiant Black certainly fits the genre,… [more]

Aria: Heavenly Creatures Review

Written by Brian Holguin Art by Jay Anacleto and Brian Haberlin While I am unfamiliar with the Aria comics from the ’90s, this one certainly makes an impression for a first-time reader. Set in Victorian… [more]

How Lightsabers Illustrate the Anakin-Ahsoka-Luke Connection

No two lightsabers are alike. Each has a different design on their hilts and various blade colors to pick from. They are completely the choice of the user who builds it. The original trilogy did… [more]

Infertility and Destiny in Netflix’s The Witcher

Every fictional world has its own set of rules regarding who has power and how it’s important to the narrative. From Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc., many stories separate those with… [more]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi posterThe Last Jedi is Repetition, Not Subversion

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is known for being one of the most divisive films in recent history. The reason for that is that it seems to involve moving away from the themes of the… [more]


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