Debarghya Sanyal

Debarghya is an imaginary character (most likely a dwarf and as grumpy as any) stuck in a wrong world. He currently masquerades as a student of English Journalism at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India. He would rather flourish swords and wands, however is bound to flourishing pens and ink stained papers. But since that cannot be remedied, he will keep throwing vicious lampoons and caricatures, biting satires, and mind numbing articles full of jargon fit to liquidify your cerebellum. So, quite a charming personality altogether.


Who's Got it RightDC and Marvel: The Politics of Universes

The superhero world is in bit of a rumble. Recently, Zack Snyder dropped another of his completely predictable little bombs, and we suddenly have a very familiar looking Aquaman on the blocks. (Did anyone notice… [more]

Barmejo's clown, a major infuence for Ledger's look 1Theorizing about the Joker in All Seriousness

And it’s not that easy. One thing becomes clear as I go about snooping on the Man Who Laughs – you cannot quite ‘come to know’ the Joker. You can read about him, theorise all… [more]


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