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Vehicular Violence, the Lawmaster, and Judge Dredd

The character of Judge Dredd that appears in the 1995 adaptation from director Danny Cannon and starring Sylvester Stallone, then later in the more faithful 2012 film with Karl Urban, is based on a British… [more]

Judge Dredd: America as a Critique of Unethical Police Practises

Recently Rebellion 2000AD Ltd collected a series of stories from the long running Judge Dredd “Democracy” storyline in a collection called Essential Judge Dredd: America (2020). In this collection, the stories “Letter from a Democrat”,… [more]

Judge Dredd and the Rise of the Police State

The dystopian science fiction film Dredd (2012), starring Karl Urban as the titular Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as his rookie-in-training Psi Judge Anderson, adapts the popular British comic strip character originally serialized in 2000AD… [more]

Cursed Earth Carlos: In Memoriam of Carlos Ezquerra

I didn’t know Carlos Ezquerra, but I met him once at a con. He autographed the comics I held, and then I moved on and he preceded to do the same for the next hundred… [more]