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22 December 2014

Black Mirror, White Christmas

(In honour of the nature of this show, this will be as spoiler-free as I can make it and still qualify as a review… This should be quite a challenge.) The great thing (or at… [more]

Sensual Female Guardian Angels: Luc Besson’s Early Films, Part 3

Not unlike the stereotypical “whore with a heart of gold,” the title character of Leon (1994) is a kind-hearted, Italian-American hit man with an ennobling ethical code. Leon Montana (Jean Reno) refuses to kill women… [more]

Subversive Season’s Greetings: Tim Burton’s Christmas Trilogy

One of my favorite Christmas songs is the opening track on Elvis Presley’s first holiday album.  The album itself was a largely traditional collection of songs—“O Little Town of Bethlehem” and such—but Elvis insisted that… [more]