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6 January 2014

On Canons, Critics, Consensus, and Comics, Part 1

The semester was nearly over.  As a class, we had spent nearly four months reading and discussing comics, and now, in the final two weeks of the term, each student was delivering an oral presentation… [more]

Loving the Other: Warm Bodies as Post-Post-9/11 Zombie Movie

It’s easy to dismiss the 2013 zombie film Warm Bodies as a mash-up between Romeo and Juliet and the zombie genre. It’s just as easy to guess that Hollywood saw this as a potential way… [more]

Sequart Gets a New Logo

Today, Sequart gets a new logo. The new logo is very close to our previous logo, and retains the same large, light blue “S.” The text on top of it, however, is very different. The… [more]