Jordan Thomas on Kickstarting and Frank at Home on the Farm #2

Frank at Home on the Farm is a wild and unique new book from publisher Mad Robot Comics. Created by writer Jordan Thomas and artist Clark Bint, Frank is a psychological horror mystery set in a 1920s rural England that is still recovering from the First World War.

In March, we sat down with Thomas to find out what Frank #1 was all about. You can read that interview HERE.

Issue #2 is currently on Kickstarter, and I recently got the chance to catch up with Thomas and ask him a few questions about the new issue and fundraiser.

PHILLIPS: What did you learn from the first Kickstarter that you applied to this new one?

THOMAS: Well, not to stress so much is probably the biggest thing. I think everyone apart from the most successful creators experience that dip. You get nothing for three or four days, you’re like 60% funded and you feel like you’re never going to get another backer. Now I just give myself a day off and then come back strong and work my ass off to get some more people on board. I’ve also broadened the different sites and reviewers I’m asking for coverage and I think that’s been really helpful – there are some amazing people out there supporting small press comics. And just generally, comics are fun, doing this should be fun, as long as you keep it that way than it’s a success.

PHILLIPS: How has the response been to the first issue?

THOMAS: Really great. It’s been the most wonderful thing – receiving messages from people telling us how much they love the book. I even had a fellow creator tell me someone was chatting to them at a con and they said Frank #1 was the best thing they’d read recently – that’s heartbreakingly lovely to hear. I mean, I was confident people would think it looks beautiful because Clark is a wonderful, beardy artistic genius, but the story, the mystery, it seems to have really grabbed people, which I’m so happy about. Also, I get readers giving me their theories about what’s really happening – that makes me smile.

PHILLIPS: What’s in store for Frank #2?

THOMAS: Issue 2 jumps forward a month or so. Frank isn’t in the best place as he continues to search for answers to his missing family’s whereabouts. He’s not looking after himself. Very isolated. So, we delve deeper into his psyche as he begins to make the decisions that are going to determine the rest of the series. We also have a wolf fight, which is pretty badass! Clark has drawn the hell out of that. Then the ending… well, from the final page of this issue the story really takes off into some very crazy places and then doesn’t stop till the final page of the story.

PHILLIPS: What is this new crime comic I hear you’re working on?

THOMAS: That’s in the very early stages. I think I have a title, but it’s secret right now. I’m working with one of my oldest friends; he’s probably the most talented person I’ve ever known. I’ve written a script, very noir, very abrasive, very fast paced. Chris Matthews – the artist – is getting the style down currently. He’s done some beautiful character designs, and he’s planning something very cool for the colouring – I’m really excited to start sharing stuff from it with people. I’m a huge fan of Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips and have always wanted to do something in that area. Issue 1 is going to be a 1-shot but hopefully people like it and we can do more.

(Once again, you can check out the new Kickstarter campaign HERE.)

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