Smorgasbord #72:

H.R. Giger’s Human Resources Department

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Tom and Shawn play a game of “What If?” and peer into an alternate dimension where we run Marvel Comics. How would the Star Wars line grow? What could we do to fix the trade paperback catalog? Which unruly employees would get sent to H.R. Giger’s Penis Machine(tm) for a scolding? All this and more, as THE FINAL COUNTDOWN continues!

Note: This episode was recorded before the untimely death of Len Wein. We here at the Smorgasbord believe that Wein’s legacy needs no explanation: the seeds he planted continue to bear fruit today. He will be missed.

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Tom Shapira is a carbon-based life from the planet earth. He was formed in the year 1985 AD by two loving parents. He is also an MA student of English Lit. at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, where he feels proud to be the first student to graduate with a BA by writing a paper about the works of Grant Morison. In his native tongue, Tom is a staff writer for Israel's leading comics blog and an occasional participant in the blog's bi-weekly podcast. He spends too much time, money and thought on Comics (especially the works of Grant Morison, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis) and his friends and family wish he would stop. He is not going to.

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