X-Men Spin-off The New Mutants is Happening

According to Comic Book Resources, 20th Century Fox is looking to expand its hit X-Men franchise with The New Mutants, with Josh Boone on board as director and co-writer. Boone directed the smash hit (and John Green brainchild) The Fault in Our Stars and is now bringing his teen-oriented talents to the 20th Century Fox’s version of the Marvel Universe.

“We’re so excited to explore this new part of the X-Men universe,” says producer Simon Kinberg in his interview with Deadline, “and so excited to do it with Josh, who is uniquely suited to tell this story about young characters.”

Although Deadline (via CBR) describes The New Mutants as “a new crop of mutant characters born with special powers”, there has not been much more info released. Fans will have to wait a few years for The New Mutants to be realized, as Boone will be working on The Vampire Diaries and another adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Stand.

As always, this writer is excited, but how about you? Leave a comment below!

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