Comic Book Themed Hip Hop Trio Czarface Returns for Second Album

In late 1993, legendary MC Inspectah Deck was getting busy with Wu-Tang Clan on the classic rap album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). That album has held up as one of the greatest and most influential hip hop albums of all time. Just three years later, underground Boston rapper Esoteric began his career. Later, he teamed up with collectives like Army of Pharaohs and The Demigods, but even before that he began his work with booming producer 7L. Inspectah is best known for his contribution on the Wu-Tang track C.R.E.A.M., his Bronx accent, and his no-nonsensical verses, while Esoteric is known for a rapid, lung-bursting delivery that begs the question, “Does the man even have to breathe?”

In 2013, Deck, Esoteric, and 7L began a collaboration under the name Czarface, with a self-titled first album. The album follows a loose narrative of a superhero named Czarface. The track “Marvel Team-Up” is the most blatant hat tip to old-school comics, but throughout the album, small snippets of sinister voices play that bolster the comic character’s story. This writer’s favorite skit is that of Tony Shivani and the Road Warriors, on the track “It’s Raw ft Action Bronson”, and the best verse goes to Esoteric on the popular track “Air ‘Em Out”.

On June 16th, the trio will release Czarface #2: Every Hero Needs A Villain. Just check out the awesome cover art by Lamour Supreme:

Czarface #2 will reportedly feature hip hop legends MF DOOM, Method Man, the GZA, and RA the Rugged Man, as well as others. If you’re a fan of comic books, superheroes, and hardcore hip hop, keep this album on your radar.

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