Screen Junkies and CinemaSins to Duke It Out on Movie Fights

About seven years ago, Andy Signore founded the YouTube channel Screen Junkies (with Hal Rudnick hosting, Spencer Gilbert writing the hit segment Honest Trailers, Jon Bailey narrating, Dan Murrel editing, and Nick Mundy as the show’s resident fixer). Since then the channel has hit well over four million subscribers and has started up a new hit segment, Movie Fights. This segment is usually hosted by Signore, as three fighters battle out movie debates at a panel-style table, surrounded by dozens of posters and nerdy action figures. These fighters range from Screen Junkies staff to guest fighters like actor Mike Carlson and comic book writer Mark Andreyko. The current undefeated, undisputed Movie Fights champion is Dan Murrel.

It is not a surprise that many fans of Screen Junkies also love the channel CinemaSins. Created in late 2012 by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, CinemaSins has equally gained over four million subscribers with their hilarious Everything Wrong With [insert movie title here] videos, in which Jeremy pings the movie’s flaws, or “sins”, and opens viewers eyes to some of the most illogical things in movies. The duo have sinned everything from The Matrix to The Hunger Games to this writer’s personal favorite video, Everything Wrong With The Room In 8 Minutes Or Less.

So the fans have been spamming Screen Junkies videos with cries for Jeremy and Chris to be featured on Movie Fights, and to fans’ delight, this Sunday May 17th, the battle between Screen Junkies and CinemaSins is going down to see who will reign supreme in the Movie Nerdom Universe. Movie Fights tends to get posted around midday, so if you’re not busy this Sunday, give it a watch.

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