Roll Out! A Review of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #30

Since the beginning, the Transformers have had a long and distinguished history in comics that have included stories that have been both revered and fondly remembered over the years. From the concept’s earliest days at Marvel Comics as a “Four Issue Limited Series” to their current outstanding run at IDW, the Transformers have always been more than just a licensed property.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #30 continues the trend of excellence as more is revealed about how exactly Megatron ended up as the Captain (or Co-Captain if you ask Rodimus) of the Lost Light. Part of the “Dawn of the Autobots” theme that has followed in the wake of the “Dark Cybertron” arc, it’s another great issue in what has turned out to be a very atypical Transformers series.

I say atypical because More Than Meets The Eye, more so than its companion series Robots in Disguise, has always been more about plot and story than it ever has been about action. Most of issue #30 takes place in a court room or on the Lost Light with lots of dialogue and complicated themes and ideas being thrown about. Writer James Roberts has never been afraid to mix some serious concepts in with his space opera starring giant transforming robots, and the result is a well-conceived, perfectly paced comic that will get you thinking.

Plus the book has always been a lot of fun to read. One thing I love about Robert’s Transformers comics is that they are invariably, consistently funny, with great one liners and humorous situations to balance out the pathos and continuing plot threads.

But while the story is great and all, it’s the art that takes More Than Meets The Eye #30 above and beyond. Alex Milne’s work is simply brilliant, using solid storytelling skills to make a comic featuring dozens of characters who happen to be robots easy to follow. Not once do you wonder what’s going on or who’s who. He is aided in his task by the palette of Joana Lafuente, whose colors are just amazing. The tones are bright where needed, subdued when the scene calls for it and overall just stunning. The two are creating magic on a comic book page and it should really be seen to be truly appreciated.

Ever since IDW landed the Transformers license they have been working to build a universe and continuity that is deep, rich and fully developed. There have been stumbles along the way, but over the last couple of years both Transformers titles have been some of the best comics on the stands. Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #30 is another fine example of just that.

With a new movie coming out and the Transformers celebrating their 30th anniversary, you are probably going to have a serious Transformers itch waiting to be scratched. Luckily, IDW has you covered with some incredible comics. I recommend you roll out and enjoy.

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