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Rothfuss CartoonSix Reasons Why the Kingkiller Chronicle is the Next Game of Thrones

Everyone knows about Game of Thrones – seriously, everyone. Fantasy fiction fans can gloat that they’ve known about it since 1996, when George R. R. Martin published the first Thrones novel. The HBO series has… [more]

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The cast of Game of Thrones, season 1Ned Stark meta-memeThe actor that plays Walder Frey, the schemer behind GoT’s infamous “Red Wedding,” reads Wedding Planning for DummiesVolume 1 (2007) of The Kingkiller Chronicle
Patrick Rothfuss’s invented world, roughly the size of EurasiaSterling Silver Eolian Talent Pipe Brooch Pin, $50 at the Tinker’s PacksRothfuss Cartoon