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Gemini Storm TPB

Gemini Storm TPB

Written by: David Herbert
Art by: Harrison Wood

I recently picked up the Gemini Storm TPB and was quickly drawn into the world that writer David Herbert created.  It’s a great indie full on monsters, monster hunters, and women in revealing tops.  What’s not to love?  It’s one fun indie book full of badass fights, ugly creatures, and sex appeal!

Gemini Storm centers on Elizabeth, a waitress in a city called Junessa.  Junessa is a city full of ugly monsters that basically turned the city into a pit.  Loyalty to the city is the only reason I could think to continue to want to live there.  Certainly if Werewolf Guy or Dude with Killer Doc Ock Claws were prowling my neighborhood I would certainly think about moving to a nice trailer out in the country somewhere.

Elizabeth likes living in Junessa.  Hell she even enjoys being a waitress.  Her favorite pastime is getting dressed up and going out into the night to kill the monsters that prowl the streets.  Think of her as Buffy the KickYourA$$GoingToKillYou Slayer.

Everything goes to hell when Elizabeth meets Midnight, a guy with a gun and the power of the Gemini Storm.  Because he believes that she is the one Midnight awakens the Gemini Storm power in Elizabeth.  Midnight’s plans include trying to help the monsters and turn them back into the humans they once were.

Elizabeth doesn’t give a crap about turning anyone back into humans.  She now has a great power in the palm of her hands and many monsters roaming the streets.  She’s become the world’s greatest killing machine and nothing will stop her now from taking some bad guys down.

Of course what none of them know is that these monsters are being controlled by someone.  Who and what purpose are the mysteries that lie within the book but things quickly go from black and white to show some sinister purposes.  Something is rotten in the city of Junessa and Elizabeth is going to try and take everyone down.

Gemini Storm is the brainchild of writer David Herbert who has been working on the project for a number of years.   “Gemini Storm was my first hand drawn webcomic that I made when I was sixteen,” he says.  “It’s still on the internet somewhere, but it’s basically unrecognizable compared to the current one. After giving up on it, I came up with some ideas for another series that was inspired by Batman: No Man’s Land. Eventually, that morphed into Gemini Storm. And then I found (artist) Harrison (Wood) to draw it.”

Five issues have been released thus far and this TPB I have collects everything that’s been published thus far.  The book isn’t going anywhere as future issues are already forthcoming.  Herbert updates, “Issue six is written and drawn, we’re just waiting on the colorist to finish up. Issue seven is also inked and we’re getting close to finishing issue eight.”

For those interested in Gemini Storm you can buy it here and at a few retailers like Comics Vs Toys in LA and Zanadu Comics in Seattle.  If you’re interested in reading people an eight-page preview you can check out the link!!!

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