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The Genius of the Super-Pets

The creation of derivative versions of super-heroes goes back to Captain Marvel’s derivatives, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. — which were introduced in the 1940s. Superman followed suit, in more ways than one, introducing… [more]

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kryptokryptoflyingstreakyKrypto panel
Krypto speaksKrypto the SuperdogA Comet doll, produced by DC Comics circa 2001.streaky panel
Streaky originAction Comics #266Comet panelSHOWN ABOVEcomet
Action Comics #293A Comet doll, produced by DC Comics circa 2001.beppoSuperboy #76
Legion of Super-PetsLegion of Super-Pets imageA Beppo doll, produced by DC Comics circa 2001.Krypto logo
Space Canine Patrol AgencySpace Canine Patrol Agency panelSpace Canine Patrol Agency panelLegion of Super-Pets
Superboy #92Superboy #92 panelSuperboy #92 panel 2