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Art Thibert has recently penciled, inked, and co-written a new comic from Image and Hack Shack studios called Chrono Mechanics. It’s the story of four very different personalities (human and otherwise) that have been brought together to fix time where- or whenever it’s “broken.”

Thibert has been a mainstay in the industry for years, working on titles for DC and Marvel alike. In the early / mid ’90s, Art began publishing his own characters in the title Black & White from Image. More recently, he has worked on such titles as Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. Now, along with co-writer Rich Burdsall, Art is trying to make his new creation, Chrono Mechanics, a bigger name in the industry. The book has been getting some good reviews, so I recently interviewed Thibert to find out a little more about the Mechanics’ adventures (as well as a possibly none-too-flattering appearance of Joe Quesada in the first issue).

MIKE PHILLIPS: How long have you [and Rich] been working together?

ART THIBERT: Rich was introduced to me about three years ago. I needed some extra ink help in my studio (Hack Shack), and he fit right in.

PHILLIPS: How long has the Chrono Mechanics idea been brewing?

THIBERT: I’ve had Chrono Mechanics brewing in my head for a few years. Unfortunately, there was never enough time to sit down and flesh out the characters or the story. So about a year ago, Rich and I decided that it was time to work full time on this story (and also others that we had discussed).

PHILLIPS: How many Chrono stories are planned right now?

THIBERT: We would like to do CM on a regular basis. The problem is getting the word out about it. It can be difficult for people to try new and different comic books because there are so many good ones already on the market. Luckily, with people like you who review new items, maybe the readers will give us a try. We feel (and hope) that once people try Chrono Mechanics they will want to read it on a regular basis.

PHILLIPS: What made you choose to publish in black and white over color?

THIBERT: I wanted to develop a very unique look for Chrono Mechanics so I penciled and inked the book in a style that was new for me. I liked the very organic look of the pages; it was more fun and not so serious. Besides, I have always enjoyed indy books because there is something so unjaded about them.

PHILLIPS: If sales go well do you plan on doing this series for a long time or is there a definite beginning, middle, and end to the Chrono story?

THIBERT: We have tons of story lines for CM! The focus will always remain on our four members of Team 9.2 of Sector 7. There is a lot of adventure out there for these guys!

PHILLIPS: By the way, about the first issue, am I detecting a couple of pokes at Joe Quesada? If so, is it all in good fun or are there some deeper feelings there?


PHILLIPS: Hmm… maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree. It seemed to me that in the story there’s an evil Joe Q. who gives the Mechanics fits from time to time. I guess readers will just have to decide for themselves. Anywho, what can we expect in the second issue of Chrono Mechanics? Have you even started it yet?

THIBERT: We have started on the next issue. It has a very fun and cool twist. The story line calls for part of the book to be done in an abstract style. That’s all I’ll give away now, but wait until you see it!

PHILLIPS: What else have you got going on over at Hack Shack Studios?

THIBERT: We have been busy with a new cartoon show idea called HIT. This idea is geared toward an older audience. We are also revamping a comic book that I put out years ago called Black & White. I’m happy with the way that all of the projects are coming along.

Also, Warner Brothers has shown an interest in making Chrono Mechanics into an animated cartoon. I’ve also recently signed with Circle of Confusion to represent the comic and cartoon properties to Hollywood. They rep the Wachowski brothers and helped put The Matrix on the map.

PHILLIPS: It all sounds exciting. Good luck Art, Rich, and everyone over at Hack Shack Studios! And check out their website at

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