Star Trek: Short Treks #1


“Runaway” -- 15 minutes

focuses on Sylvia Tilly, who discovers a really annoying alien on board (who’s a queen and a parody of misunderstanding intelligence and who says she was born with her planet, a very dumb idea) and helps her, despite regulations; can’t take place before episode 20 (episode 15, the season 1 finale, has Tilly made an ensign and given the Medal of Honor, visible in her quarters in this short; episode 15 leads directly into 16; the main cargo bay is occupied by an asteroid between 16 and 17; Tilly seems to be hallucinating her dead friend May (who turns out to be an alien, a bit close to this short episode’s plot) between 17 and 18; Tilly is still recovering from this in 19; Tilly is inside the network between 19 and 20; and 20 concludes the Tilly / May storyline), between episodes 23 and 26 (the crew are fugitives between episodes 23 and 24, Tilly is mourning Airium between 24 and 25, the Red Angel was just captured between 25 and 26), or after episode 27 (Discovery is preparing to self-destruct between 27 and 28, and the alien from this short returns in 28), leaving between 20 and 21, 21 and 22, between 22 and 23, and between 26 and 27 as the only placement options; between episodes 26 and 27 feels too close to the alien’s return in episode 28 (although Tilly does not appear in 27), between 20 and 21 would place this directly after the Tilly / May plot concludes (which feels wrong, given Tilly’s lack of comment about May, how much she had been featured lately, and how much episode 21 continues 20′s various plots), and between 21 and 22 would set this short over Kaminar (where it still is in episode 22), leaving between 22 and 23 the best option (which has the added bonus of placing this in the exact middle of the season); by far the weakest short of the four-episode season; aired 4 Oct 2018

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