Star Trek: Discovery #29


“Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2″ -- 64 minutes

second season finale; stardate: 1201.7; Enterprise and Discovery battle Control and its Section 31 ships before Discovery successfully travels to the 32nd century; briefly introduces the DOT-7 robots who repair the Enterprise (which were soon seen again in the short “Ephram and Dot”); ends with the spore drive being blamed for Discovery’s destruction and the Enterprise crew sworn to secrecy about the truth (Spock and his parents even promise never to speak of Michael Burnham with others again, an attempt to explain her absence from later stories); nicely follows the Enterprise crew, running four months after the main events (putting this portion in early 2258 at the earliest) and not showing the Discovery’s POV (which makes sense if the Discovery doesn’t return); feels like a back-door pilot for a Pike Enterprise series; aired 18 Apr 2019

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