Grendel Omnibus, Volume Four: Prime


collects Grendel: War Child #1-10, Grendel: Devil Quest, and Grendel: Past Prime; although the previous two omnibus editions were complete, this one utterly omits “Grendel Tales” stories (however, it’s still a nice collection of three Grendel-Prime stories at a very reasonable price); does not include Batman / Grendel Vol. 2 (since that’s co-owned by DC Comics); 540 pages

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Grendel Tales- Four Devils, One Hell #1Grendel: Grendel Tales

After the conclusion of Grendel: War Child, effectively completing the ongoing series, Grendel continued as a series of mini-series titled Grendel Tales. publisher: Dark Horse Comics note: the 24-page “Devil Worship” (written by Steve Seagle, with… [more]

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