Wolfskin Annual #1


untitled -- 40 pages

  • script by Mike Wolfer
  • story by Warren Ellis
  • pencils by Gianluca Pagliarani
  • inks by Chris Dreier


Wolfskin Annual #1 (auxiliary cover)

Wolfskin Annual #1 (barbaric cover)

Wolfskin Annual #1 (painted cover)

Wolfskin Annual #1 (San Diego exclusive cover)

Wolfskin Annual #1 (sketch incentive cover)

Wolfskin Annual #1 (wraparound cover)

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Wolfskin #1Ellis, Warren: Wolfskin

More to come. writer: Warren Ellis Wolfskin #1 untitled first issue art: Juan Jose Ryp $3.99 publisher: Avatar Press cover date: April 2006 pages: 22 cover: Juan Jose Ryp variant cover: Juan Jose Ryp variant:… [more]

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