Transformers: Regeneration One #83


“Loose Ends, Part 3″ -- 22 pages

  • written by Simon Furman
  • pencils by Andrew Wildman
  • inks by Stephen Baskerville
  • Circuit Smasher is revealed to be Spike Witwicky, who reveals that someone in 1994 revived Megatron from the Ark (left in the Yukon)
  • Spike Witwicky explains that Megatron turned Earth’s nuclear missles back on the humans, targeting military bases, and revived the deactivated Decepticons kept in the Ark (from “The Underbase Saga”)
  • features G. B. Blackrock, who we discover rebuilt Spike Witwicky (as he once did Circuit Breaker, who’s not mentioned by name for legal reasons) after Fortress Maximus (with whom Spike was bonded) was killed
  • Optimus Prime leaves for Earth, Hot Rod senses that Optimus Prime isn’t coming back, and Optimus Prime suggests that Hot Rod has a great destiny (we know he became Rodimus Prime in multiple alternate timelines)
  • filled with references to past stories, including to Auntie (the Ark’s computer), the power suit worn by Buster Witwicky, and Scraplets (with which Megatron has infected Kup)

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