Victor Giannini

Victor Giannini wields an MFA in writing and literature, from Stony Brook Southampton. Now more than ever, Victor writes, makes right, and avoids last rites. In 2012, Silverthought Press published Victor’s novella, Scott Too. Victor’s writing continues to haunt literary magazines and websites such as Carrier Pigeon, The Southampton Review, Narratively, (a)Bonac, and Silverthought Press’s IPPY winning anthologies, amongst others. Victor’s art still spews across magazines, clothing companies, skateboard shops, sites, and mags like 2nd Nature, Volcom, Substance, Unity, Other, DYDRM, and Space & Time Magazine. Plus, his graphic novel Skeightfast Dyephun recently got some praise from Thrasher magazine. Victor spends his free time training in street combat jujitsu, teach writing courses, writing new worlds and horrors to explore, and protecting cats. His spirit animal is a fire-fox. They both enjoy being conjured into our existence via:


akira_iconicMy Big Brother’s Secret Japanese Cartoons: How Anime Addicted Me to Serial Narratives

I’m ten years old, and you’re already dead. Your head explodes, and leather cringes while boots crush bone and dust swirls around a strange haired man in the desert. Buildings lay like corpses, luxury liners… [more]


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