Craig Ambegoda

C.G. Ambegoda was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. His family and he came to the United States when he was six and decided to never go back. He was too distracted by the pretty bright lights in New York City to argue. Currently, he is attending college for a bachelor’s degree in something or another while doing the bare minimum amount of work as a part-time soldier in the Army Reserves. He lives in an apartment he shares with his father. His definition of the word “share” however is very broad, since he has no rent, pays no bills, and his only contributions to the apartment are ramen and salami, neither of which his father eats. He often wishes he had a pet for companionship — perhaps a dog or a hamster. But then he realizes the animal would be dead within a month due to absent-minded neglect. Still, a goldfish might be nice.


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