Benjamin Hall

Ben Hall wrote his Undergraduate and Graduate thesis on Marvel Studios film releases from 1998 to 2011, focusing on how the films were translated to the screen and their financial impact. He is currently trying to finish turning his Thesis into a book. Ben is passionate about comics, because they helped him learn to read. He also feels that each comic or graphic novel can represent societal issues and culture in a way that no other media can. He also previously worked-for-hire on Salem Press’s Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Heroes & Superheroes, specifically the Green Arrow: Year One, Wolverine: Origin, & Spawn sections. Ben is located on Twitter @Rippersspot and at


Super_Sons_Vol_1_6_Textless_VariantLarry Nevin Should Never Have Been Taken Seriously, or Why the Super Sons Matter

DC One Million and Batman Beyond along with many other examples suggest that the concept of legacy characters and superhero parenthood can work. Yes, this ages the characters, but we have been stuck in the… [more]

ww-tv-multiverse001Wonder Woman’s Origin is Clay to Be Molded

Wonder Woman is not an archetype. Actually let me rephrase that by saying her current origin of being Zeus’s (Greek God and serial cheater) progeny via an affair with Queen Hippolyte (Diana’s mother and hereafter… [more]

976112-fernusCan Shape-Shifters Change Into God-Like Beings?

The answer to the titular question is yes and no. However, in order to properly explain how I have come to this conclusion we first have to define the type of shape-shifter. There are the… [more]

championsThe Champions: A Bridge Between Genres and Time

The Champions as term and footnote When most people hear of the term “The Champions,” they think of the iconic song created by Queen. Others think of the 1975-1978 Marvel comic series or various other… [more]


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