Arcadio Bolanos

Comic books are my passion. I’ve been a serious (some would say a “serial”) reader probably since elementary school. A few years ago, I discovered the perfect way to have twice as much pleasure when it comes to the 9th art: I can either create comics or write about them (and I absolutely love doing both!). In 2010 I started collaborating in black and white indie anthologies (as writer and artist), and last year my first complete comic, Un-American Chronicles, was published in print and digitally on ComiXology here. My most recent work is Dawn of the Undead, which will also be available on Comixology in a couple of months. Finally, I also have a blog specializing in comic book reviews from all eras and publishers. Some of my reviews have attracted the attention of comic book authors, and in some occasions even legendary writers like Neil Gaiman have recommended, via twitter, my blog posts.


a8Thatcherism in the Space Era (Courtesy of Grant Morrison & Rian Hughes)

“Dare to look to the future”. Because we remember the past and we live in the present, we hold dear the future. We never know what tomorrow might bring and we love dreaming about adventures… [more]

Mswc1coverStar Wars: From a Successful Film Franchise to One of the Greatest Hits in Comics

For some reason, I’ve never been a fan of film adaptations, much in the same way that I’m not a fan of videogames turned into comics, or TV series transformed into novels. In my opinion,… [more]


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