Tweet Team

To join our Tweet Team, just tweet a link from the following list once per day. We don’t want to overwhelm anyone, and “slow and steady” is better than all at once. A single tweet per day costs you nothing and only takes a few seconds, but it means so much to us by spreading the word.

Twitter bird

How this works: once a day, take one link from the list below. We’ll keep the list updated to reflect what we’re currently emphasizing, when our newest products are available, and the newest discount codes for online retailers. The list has the URLs already shortened for you and includes sample tweets using them, limited to Twitter’s 140-character maximum.

Before each link / sample tweet is a title in bold explaining where the link goes (and why we’re promoting it). The title starts with a number indicating what priority we give the link.

What you do: once a day, visit this page (feel free to bookmark it) and choose any link you wish. If you tweeted a high-priority link yesterday, maybe choose something further down the list that interests you. The next day, maybe choose a different high-priority link. Switch it up and have fun.

And by all means, feel free to alter the sample tweets to emphasize what you like about the project: a contributor, the approachable style, the work’s genius — whatever fits your taste and personality. Just keep the link the same.

You can also use these same links on other social networking sites, like Facebook. Better yet, tell your Facebook account to automatically repost your tweets as status updates by using Facebook’s Twitter application. (This is a good idea anyway, because it doubles your online time, letting you post two places at once. It ignores tweets beginning with @, and you can still add Facebook status updates normally.)

And hey, let’s keep this fun and easy. If you miss a day, don’t worry. We all have busy lives, and things happen. Just start back up when you can.

Automated version: we’re now offering an automated version, so if you’re forgetful or just offline, we can tweet for you! To activate this service, create an account or log in (top-left, in the navigation bar). Then go to Your Account (same place, top-left, once you’re logged in). There, you’ll find a Websites tab that will let you connect to Twitter. Once you do so, you can enter a number for how many tweets per day you’d like us to send on you’d like us to send on your behalf. Think of this as “donating” a certain number of tweets per day.

Any way you do it, thanks for your support!

The List