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“The Old Bonds Between Man and Nature Have Been Broken”: Environmentalism, Mysticism, and Folk Horror in The Knights of Pendragon, Part 1

Although the title of the Marvel UK comic book series The Knights of Pendragon (1990-1993; Pendragon hereafter) refers to a group of superheroes, the main protagonist of its first six issues (July-Dec, 1990) is very… [more]

Reviews from the Hold Box

Welcome back to Reviews from the Hold Box. Each week, I look at what was in my hold box at my local comics shop. Good or bad, I’ll let you know what I thought of… [more]

Annihilation: Nova Trumps Wolverine: Origins

Hmmm…That Looks Interesting The weekly trip to the comic shop can be daunting. There are a multitude of titles every week and wading through all of the books can be a real hassle. This column… [more]