Sequart Organization publishes scholarly non-fiction books on subjects related to the medium of sequential art.

Our books attempt to be scholarly but accessible to a general audience. We specialize in literary analysis that avoids the insularity that can typify academic writing, trying instead to open critical discourse on comics to a wider, intelligent audience.

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an analysis of Justice League and DC crossover history, examining classic works from a literary context Essays exploring the whole of Daredevil's history. studies Grant Morrison's early work (e.g. Animal Man, Arkham Asylum, and Doom Patrol); includes an exclusive Morrison interview covers everything about the 1960s Batman show, including camp, gadgets, women, music, youth culture, legacy, and more! 12 wildly-ranging, intelligent perspectives on Watchmen studies Grant Morrison's landmark series The Invisibles; includes an exclusive Morrison interview studies the three X-Men films and how they draw from their comics source material studies how Batman Begins appropriates and changes its comics source material a diverse essay collection on all aspects of Legion history